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pumpkinI sit here, as I often do, trying to put words to print for the monthly newsletter.  What is it that is most important to communicate to you this month?  And as usual in October, the changing of the seasons draws my attention away.  I so love the crispness in the air, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the change in colors around us.  

As we wind down our Homecoming Week, the pride I have for our students, our staff, and this community is great.  Every year, regardless of the situation, we do it right. In all of the frustration around this pandemic, I think it is important to remember that we get a lot of things right and that is a celebration.

As many of you know we are following a protocol to determine when the Board will act to consider a change in the current masking policy.  The current masking mandate has been in place since September 17th or for the past two+ weeks.  We are making progress towards that consideration.  The protocol highlights three indicators with two being of significant consideration.  The priority indicators are the presence of Covid-19 amongst our students and staff as well as the overall illness rates we are seeing particularly amongst our students.  Percentages identified as desired levels to reconsider our current practice are 2% and 7% respectively in each of these areas with trendlines of the past 5-, 10- and 15- school day increments considered.  The protocol also includes consideration of the positivity rate in Des Moines County and the percent of that rate that is attributed to those 0-17 years old. Each building will be considered separately in the decision-making process. We are nearing our 15-school day mark. Read more

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the 2016—17 academic year.[/stm_title]
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